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There is an epic disconnect between

the Robert Mueller described by the Mass Media and Officialdom

as a model of public propriety,

and the Robert Mueller,

documented by independent researchers:

a chronic Collaborator, with

a career characterized by cover-ups, corruption and unconscionable conduct—

an ever-willing instrument of

Deep State dissimulation.      


Errand boy for the new world order

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JOHN MILKOVICH lives in Keithville, Louisiana.

He serves as a member of the Louisiana Senate.

Kelleigh Nelson



"Senator Milkovich’s book goes far deeper on several of Mueller’s targets including the Whitey Bulger Gang, Pan Am 103, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Ruby Ridge, 9-11, Anthrax, Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Surveillance State and the War on President Donald J. Trump. . . . This book gathers so much of his involvement over the last 30 years of Mueller’s career.  It is an astonishing chronicle of coverups, corruption and collusion. It is 165 pages of pure documentation of evil."

JM Phelps

Founder & Editor

Lantern of Liberty

"Despite Mueller's rapport with the Washington elite, Milkovich suggests the former FBI director has been 'an architect and willing accomplice to governmental corruption, chicanery, deception and cover-ups for at least the last 30 years.' Furthermore, he says Mueller 'is an ever-willing instrument of Deep State dissimulation.' and has been 'plunged up to his elbows in corruption and covering up . . . . His inaction and his silence on this very brazen public corruption that was happening in the very city in which he was the U.S. attorney are very indicative of his career.'"

Steve Casey


In God We Trust: The Faith

of the Men on our Money

"This work is not a fictional thriller.  It is a masterpiece of investigative reporting . . . . John Milkovich’s book Robert Mueller – Errand Boy For The New World Order is a book that America needs to read."

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